Mission Statement

Everything started when our two founders recognized the need for a quick, natural snack bar without the preservatives, white sugar and refined industrial ingredients that damage our health and slow down our busy lifestyles.

There was one major disadvantage of healthy snack bars: truly natural bars simply didn't taste good. Because of this reason we decided to create the perfectly balanced and minimalistic snack with great taste - The 4 Bites Bar.

Source for 4 Bites

When we went on a mission to source the finest natural ingredients we needed to go back to one of our founders roots in Europe.  Away from industrial kitchens, processing plants and corporate ingredient wholesalers we rediscovered the purity of natural figs, cherries and cranberries to name a few.  

Today our families and friends lead an increasingly hectic and active lifestyles.  We recognize the market is flooded with processed snacks with paragraph-long complex ingredients.

As a result we are proud to offer a product that is both simple, clean, healthy and packed with just a few natural ingredients that come from nature's finest sources. 

We hope you enjoy our 4 Bites Bar!